dimension of result by mkl_dcscmm

dimension of result by mkl_dcscmm

Hi all,

i have a quick question about the dimension of the result by mkl_dscsmm

i am doing, C = A'*B

and A is a m * n sparse matrix, and B is a m*k matrix, so i call the function like this,

alpha = 1;

beta = 0;

mkl_dcscmm("T", &m, &k, &n, &alpha, "GXXC", Ax, Ai, Ab, Ae, B, &k, &beta, C, &k);

is there any problem in my function call?

it looks that i can get the right result on when k = 1, for any other k != 1, i get trash. Do i do something totally wrong? any help is appreciated.



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can anyone help take a look?


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