linking mkl in Xcode 3.2.4 IDE

linking mkl in Xcode 3.2.4 IDE


I am a new user of Mac Os. I installed the Intel Compser Xe 2011 on my macbook (intel I7 processor). I have some codes developed in the windos environment, linking the mkl lapack library for solving linear systems. Now, I am searching to link mkl in the Xcode Ide. I followed the following steps in the build section of the project target windows:

  • In the 'other linking flags' inside the linking section: -lmkl_intel_lp64  -lmkl_intel_thread -lmkl_core -liomp5 -lpthread -lm
  • In the header search paths inside th seach path section: /opt/intel/composerxe-2011.0.085/mkl/include
  • In the library search paths inside th seach path section: /opt/intel/composerxe-2011.0.085/mkl/lib/
  • In the 'Use INTEL Math Kernel LIBRARY'  inside Intel Fortran Compiler XE 12.0 (limited feature) - Performance library build components: use threated Intel Math Kernel Library

In the section rules I added the rule indicating to use Intel fortran compiler xe 12.0.

I tried to execute the script for the environment variables but I am not sure that I did it effectively.

In the section 'arguments' of the executable tab under "variables to be set in the environment' i put DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in Name and I put '/opt/intel/composerxe-2011.0.085/mkl/lib' in value

Trying to build the project I retriev the subsequent warnings

ifort:0:0 warning #10315: specifying -lm before files may supercede the Intel(R) math library and affect performance

ld:0:0 warning: directory '/Users/fabio/Desktop/Barriera/build/Release' following -L not found

ld:0:0 warning: directory '/Users/fabio/Desktop/Barriera/build/Release' following -F not found

ld:0:0 library not found for -lmkl_solver

Command /Developer/usr/bin/ifort failed with exit code 1

As said I am a beginner with the Mac os, so I don't know even the simplest commnad. Thanks in advance for the time you will spend for helping me.



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Is my question too trivial to merit a reply? Nobody of guys at the Intel wants to help me?

My suggestion is that you repost in the Linux/OSX Fortran compiler forum. Since the MKL forum covers Windows and Linux as well as OSX, and your problems appear to me (a non OSX-user) to be more related to the IDE than the MKL libraries, the chances of someone noticing the question in the compiler forum may be better.

Dear Mecej4, thanks for the reply. I will follow your suggestion.

For those that are having similar problems, I see Kevin and Mecej4 were able to help resolve this completely over on the compiler forum.

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