linking mkl with VS 2010

linking mkl with VS 2010

Hello, I have a problem linking the mkl libraries with my program in FORTRAN. I am using the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 with VS 2010. The program is simple (see the code below):

Program SC
    USE mkl95_lapack
    implicit none
    double precision  Ht(2,2), ebb(2)
    integer info
    call syevd(Ht, ebb, 'N', 'U', info)
    write(*,*) info
    write(*,*) ebb(1), ebb(2)

I've read that to link tke mkl (when usin the Intel Compiler integated with VS 2010) one has to set    Project>Properties>Fortran>Libraries>Use Intel Math Kernel Library       to Parallel or Sequential. And so I did, but when I hit bulid an error occures:

error LNK2019:unresolved external symbol _DSYEVD_MKL95 refferenced in function _MAIN_

Can  anyone help?

PS Sorry if this is a basic, not interesting poroblem.

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please look at the article "Creating, Configuring, and Running Intel® Visual FORTRAN projects in Microsoft* Visual Studio* to build Intel® MKL application"
it should helps to see how you can builf application with fortran.f90.

You have to include mkl_lapack95.lib in the linking step. At the command line, do
ifort /Qmkl michal.f90 mkl_lapack95.lib.

Or, if usIng the IDE, add mkl_lapack95.lib as an additional library to use when linking.

thank you for help. I've added the additional library mkl_lapack95.lib to the linker as you said mecej4 and it worked:)

thanks again

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