I am relatively new to this product. I have been having trouble with the examples included in the VS FORTRAN for the MKL (e.g. dgerx.f90 among others). I don't know, but could my problem be that I have an i7 processor/64-bit Win7 but I am trying to use a Visual Fortran + MKL that is limited to 32 bit? The MKL just doesnt seem to work. I checked the paths included in the library and include tabs and they look ok (library: $(IFortInstallDir)mkl\ia32\lib), (include: $(IFortInstallDir)mkl\include). Thanks.

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There's no reason the 32-bit compiler/library combination shouldn't work for you. If you are using anything beyond the default option /Qmkl, you must consult link advisor for the 32-bit settings (64-bit OS and CPU don't make any difference other than that they enable you to use the 64-bit compiler/library combination, as most of us would do).

Here is the command line to build the dgerx.f90 example:

ifort /Qmkl dgerx.f90 common_func.f mkl_blas95.lib

This command worked fine for me on W7SP1X64 using the 32-bit compiler and libraries.

Note that when your code calls Lapack or BLAS routines using F90 interfaces, you need to explicitly specify the respective libraries, mkl_lapack95.lib or mkl_blas95.lib, since the /Qmkl compiler option does not pull these in.

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