PARDISO improved features

PARDISO improved features


I don't think the following features are available as of today within the Intel MKL PARDISO, but I was wondering if it is planned to include them in future releases:

1- Schur complement for symmetric matrices, available in competitors such as MUMPS (page 9, and PaStiX (page 34,

2- distributed solver (available in University of Lugano PARDISO)

Thanks for your help.

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We are working on disctributed version of Direct Solver but We cannot let you know the exact version when it would be available. Pls let us know if you are interesting in cluster version and what sort of problem you are working on and another techical stuff you can share with us. This info would help us to prioritize this work better.
you can use private thread for sharing this info. thanks in advance.

and another details


The Schur complement version for symmetric and nonsymmetric matrices is also available in PARDISO from

Olaf Schenk

Thank you for the last update !


Shur Complement support available in the latest MKL 11.2.1 ( update 1). Please check how it works on your side and let us know the feedbacks. 


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