mkl 10.2 - 64bit

mkl 10.2 - 64bit


I need to port an application to 64bit that uses the MKL library version 10.2 update 2. I am working with Visual Studio 2012 professional on a WIndows 7 machine.

I receive a LNK1136 error when linking to mkl_intel_lp64_dll.lib, which indicates that the archive is corrupt. To confirm, I ran dumpbin.exe on mkl_intel_lp64_dll.lib and receive a series of LNK4048 errors (invalid format file). Running dumpbin on and linking to the 32 bit libraries yield no errors.

I have tried repairing the installation and removing/reinstalling the libraries, but nothing changes.

Has anyone encountered this problem before or seen something similar? I should mention that I am currently using the evaluation version of MKL. Is the 64 bit functionality limited when using the evaluation version?

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Please double check that namely 64-bit MKL libraries are used for linking: from em64t directory, not from ia32 were located 32-bit libraies.

Also, it would be helpful to get more details to analyze your problem and help. E.g. small reproducer and used project file....

-- Victor

Hi, have you considered updating to MKL 11.0.1? If not, is there a reason why you need to stick with that version? Please let us know so that we can help you better and get to the root cause of the problem. Thanks!

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