calling vzCIS within c++

calling vzCIS within c++


I've got a problem in calling vzCIS from C++

#include <complex>
#include "mkl.h"

template<class T>class array{
   int n;
   T* x;
   array(int _n):n(_n),x(new T[n]){};

int main(){
   int n=32;
   array<double> x(n);
   array<double> y(n);
   //array<MKL_Complex16> u(n);
   //array<MKL_Complex16> v(n);
   array< std::complex<double> > u(n);
   array< std::complex<double> > v(n);
   return 0;

I compiled with icpc -mkl file.cpp and icpc gave me

error: argument of type "std::complex<double> *" is incompatible with parameter of type "MKL_Complex16 *"

Does someone have a solution? Tahnk you very much.


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The third argument of vzCIS should be an array with type (Fortran's) DOUBLE COMPLEX or something compatible with it. Your code is trying to pass a real array instead.

MKL_Complex16 is compatible with std::complex<double>

and the version with comment out lines, i.e. array<MKL_Complex16>, does not work too. (with or without redefining MKL_Complex16).

mecej4: thank you now I've understand where is the problem.

If you look at mkl_types.h header file you will see that a declaration of MKL_Complex16 type is inside of #ifndef-#endif directives. It means, that in order to use that type you'll need to define the macro MKL_Complex16 before mkl.h or mkl_types.h header files:

#define MKL_Complex16
#include "mkl.h"

or as
#define MKL_Complex16
#include "mkl_types.h"

or as
#define MKL_Complex16 std::complex
#include "mkl.h"
and in the last example MKL's complex type will be re-defined by STL complex type.

Please, also have a look at the paper which describes some aspects of use of Intel(R) MKL data types in C++ applications. Thanks, Andrey

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