Normal random numbers

Normal random numbers

vsRngGaussian( method, stream, n, r, a, sigma ) using stream from VSL_BRNG_SFMT19937 random generator.

Three options for method:

How they differ in precision and speed?

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Hi, the following resource can explain things in far greater detail than I can through the forum!

Here is also an excellent resource for performance on the options you listed

Please let me know if you have any further questions after checking this out.

Hi! Thank you for the response. I understand how they are different in formulas and speed. According to tables VSL_RNG_METHOD_GAUSSIAN_ICDF - is fastest, however it requires evaluation of inverse of Laplace integral. How precise is this calculation? Do you know the precision for different methods? What should I use?

Hi Alexander,

The approximations which we use in Intel(R) MKL RNGs are sufficent for Monte Carlo simulations where statistical error dominates. This is confirmed by the extensive statistical testing whose details are described in VSL Notes available at Inverse method might be the choice for your applications.


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