pardiso iparm(2) parameter

pardiso iparm(2) parameter

Dear All

From the talbe

It states that

iparm(2)=0 is the MD algorithm and iparm(2)=2 is metis package.

But from the former thread

"There exists another built-in reordering scheme so called MMD reordering available through iparm(2)=1."

Sergey suggested that iparm(2)=1 is the MD algorithm and iparm(2)  = 0 and 2 is metis.

My experience is same as the former thread suggested.

Is the iparm table from your website wrong?


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the description of PARDISO parameters ( is correct.

in the case of iparm(2) == 1 will be used another built-in reordering scheme so called MMD reordering. We doesn't describe this option because of this reoderening is not validated comprehensively.


Thanks for your help.

So the description of the table is wrong?

It states iparm(2)=0 is MD not metis.


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