MKL v8.1 or 9 Download

MKL v8.1 or 9 Download



I need the MKL-Library for CATIA V5R18 Analysis under Windows 7 64bit

the only woking Version can be v8.1 and v9

but i dont can download this on the homepage.


And where can i buy this. there are also only offers for v10 an v.11 but no older version offer.



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Daniel, that's correct, this version of CATIA works only with MKL v.9.* and 8.0, but all of these versions are no longer supported. therefore there are no garantee how it will work on Win7. Please tell us did you buy some commercial version of MKL before?

no. our company dont have mkl in use. but we really need this for FEM computations.

Can we buy v9, and if it dont work can we switch to v8?



I am nor aware how to do that. Please wait, I need to ask management how it can be done.

as an option - Would it be possible for you to buy the one comercial license the latest version 11.0 and then I can pass you the 9.1? this is just an question...

I think this would be OK.

I need the detailed payment information for my company



Inof: My Processor is an Intel Xeon E5-1607 0 @3GHz

I live in Austria

Information about purchasing MKL:

The older versions of MKL would not have support specifically for E5; they would treat it as supporting the latest architecture code in those MKL releases.

I think Gennady has offered to inquire about whether the older MKL can be furnished to you once you have a current license.

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