Using MKL Poisson Solver for stepped rectangular domains

Using MKL Poisson Solver for stepped rectangular domains

I would like to know how the MKL Poisson solver can be used for a geometry where there is a sudden jump in one coordinate direction. For example something like a duct opening into a larger duct. Is it possible at all? 

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this is not clear. would you please clarify what " sudden jump in one coordinate direction" means?

Thanks for the reply Mr. Federov. By sudden jump I meant in a domain where there is a smaller rectangle opening into a larger rectangle.A sample of the geometry is shown in the files attached. Please let me know if it is possible for the Poisson solver to oeprate on such a geometry. Let me know if you can't see the images I will try to upload them again.             


Downloadimage/png bfs-sec.png8.34 KB
Downloadapplication/pdf step-geometry.pdf9.89 KB

I was wondering if there are any more suggestions for my question. Thanks! 

As the documentation clearly states, the Poisson solver for cartesian coordinates is written for a rectangular domain. By itself, the Poisson solver cannot be applied to other geometries such as stepped rectangular regions.

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