Pardiso gives error when parallel factorization control set to 1

Pardiso gives error when parallel factorization control set to 1


I atteched a test program that give '-1' error code after PARDISO symbolic analysis stage if iparm[23] is set to 1. The error code is '0' if I set iparm[23] to '0'.

I am using Linux and MKL from composer_xe_2013.4.183.

Could anyone help me finding out the problem here?

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Downloadapplication/x-7z-compressed pardisoanalysisparallelerror.7z30.64 MB
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Did you check your matrix inconsistent by switching iparm(27) == 1 ?

Thanks Gennady!

After I switch iparm(27) on, I can see the message that parallel factorization control cannot be used when OOC is enabled. 

I have a question here. Does it mean that if I set iparm(60) = 1, iparm(24) have to be set to 0 ? I am refereing to the parameter table here:




I did execute your code but looking at the input parameters I can see you want to use the partial solving ( iparm[30] ) which is not avaliable for OOC mode. You can find the Note about that into Pardiso's doc.

Thanks for trying this out. iparm[30] setting did not affect me so far. But I will correct it.



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