Some documentation problems

Some documentation problems


As of MKL Version 11 Update 3 and 5 for Linux, User's Guide in Appendix C: Directory Structure In Detail, Dynamic Libraries section miss description for, for both 64 a32 bit versions, and for 32 bit version.

Sure, libraries purpose could be easily deduced, but will be good idea to keep documentation up-to-date.

Will be good idea to check sections about static libraries too, as well as documentation for other platforms.


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Eugenue, thanks for letting this know , We will fx this the next update.


In Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.0.5 Reference Manual, Singular Value Decomposition:  singular values must be nonnegative numbers.

Please, watch, where σ1 < σ2 < ... < σmin(m, n) < 0. is written.


yes, tha't also true, :) thanks Eketerina. 

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