MKL 11.1 and scalapack / blacs_intelmpi

MKL 11.1 and scalapack / blacs_intelmpi


I have just downloaded the new compiler package with ifort 14.0 but it seems to be missing the files and

as well as thier static counterpart and the 8-bit integer libraries. So I tried the mkl 11.1 evaluation version and it's missing these files too. Am I making a mistake during the installation or have the names changed and are now part of other libs?

Thanks, have a nice day, Jan

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since MKL v.11.1 ( bundled with Composer v 14.0 ) by the default, sclalapck libraries are not installed.  You can choose the custom mode during installation and select Cluster Components of Intel MKL. Please let us know if any further issue.



that worked, many thanks, Jan

Sorry to hijack the thread but I've installed 11.1 *with* the scalapack libraries included.

In the link line advisor for dynamic linking it suggests linking to mkl_blacs_msmpi_ilp64_dll.lib which doesn't seem to exist in my installation. Is my install incorrect, or is the link line advisor incorrect?

thanks David - we will check and will back soon.

David, this is the LA is incorrect. we will fix this issue. please try to link with mkl_blacs_ilp64_dll.lib in that case. thanks. 

Its been an year. Why dont you guys fix it?

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