Fortran double precision matrix multiplication using MIC

Fortran double precision matrix multiplication using MIC

Can someone send us an example makefile which uses the Fortran compiler and mkl to multiple 2 double precision matrices and compiles for mic.

We want to run this program on mic only (for testing). 

We have no problems to compile and run on the main processor!

Thanks, Renate

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Here you go, a very simple example.This is how you build it for native execution on Xeon Phi (assuming you have Intel Fotran Composer XE installed on your system):

 ifort -mmic -I$MKLROOT/include dgemm_example.f -L$MKLROOT/lib/mic -lmkl_intel_lp64 -lmkl_core -lmkl_intel_thread -L$MKLROOT/../compiler/lib/mic -liomp5 -lpthread -lm

C   Copyright(C) 2012 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
C   The source code, information  and  material ("Material") contained herein is
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C   Material remains  with Intel Corporation  or its suppliers or licensors. The
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C   suppliers or licensors in any way.

*   In this simple example memory management, data alignment, I/O, etc.
*   that are necessary for a good programming style are omitted to
*   improve readability.


      INCLUDE ""

      INTEGER          I, J, K, N
      PARAMETER        (N=200)
*      Executable Statements
*      Set input data
      ALPHA = 1.0
      BETA = 0.0
      DO I = 1, N
        DO J = 1, N
          A(I,J) = (I-1) * N + J
          B(I,J) = -((I-1) * N + J)
          A(I,J) = 0.0
          B(I,J) = 0.0
          C(I,J) = 0.0
        END DO
      END DO

      PRINT *, "Start!"
*      Call DGEMM subroutine
      PRINT *, "Finished!"


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