Using MKL under Qt Creator

Using MKL under Qt Creator

I want to know  exactly what should I do to link to mkl from qt creator. Last thing I tried I added all lib files from 32-folder in .pro file of my project. Project has only one .c file with matrix multiplication sample.  And it was compiled, but failed when executed. It said, because of absent mkl_thread dll. I'm stuck please help. Extra information will be posted if requested. 

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have you added the dolder where mkl's dll were installed to the system's path? pls check it first of all.

Геннадий, дело все в том, что судя по расширениям файлов там нет вообще dll и к тому же, почему обязательно dll, разве нельзя статически. И еще, речь идет о переменной PATH всей операционной системы?

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