Scalapack and BLACS libraries

Scalapack and BLACS libraries


I've just updated to MKL 11.1 Update 1 on Linux, but I can't find any of the libraries concerning BLACS and Scalapack (other than the ones for MIC), while the headers are still there.

Am I the only one ? Did I do something wrong during the installation ? Thanks for your help

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In the latest version of Intel® MKL ( v.11.1 )  there is a new installation option which allows a user  to select the list of components he/she will need and install only these ones. Please refer to KB  Article describes this mode by following the link:

Thank you, I missed indeed the "Cluster support" component during the installer ! That is a very nice new tool.

thank you very much for you kind words for our install team. -:)

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