Do I have Intel Compiler installed?

Do I have Intel Compiler installed?

My company has a central license for this: w_mkl_11.0.0.089.exe

When I installed, it installed Intel Composer XE 2013 (according to the screen and the installation folder, which is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013), to my surprise. However, I don't see any icl.exe in the bin folder. 

In VS, I don't see the option to use Intel Compiler when right-clicking on the project, although I see options to use IPP/MKL/TBB in the project properties.

So I'm confused whether my installation package includes the compiler. I guess not.


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Apparently, you have installed the Intel Math Kernel Library version 11 as I understood from the name of your .exe file. Therefore, I suspect that your installation does not include the compiler.

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Right, if you just install the exe you mentioned, then it will be installed to Composer XE 2013 folder. The exe also include a integration tool, which integrate performance library (IPP/MKL/TBB) into property pacage. but compiler icl.exe, ipp and TBB should not works.

The basic reason is that we want to align the softwares we provides into one bundled product Intel Composer XE,   so align the directory structure and integration tool.  If you have exe named like w_ccompxe_2013_sp1.0.103.exe (the latest version), then it will install all compiler/IPP/TBB into the same directory.

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Thanks for clearing up.

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