MKL licensing on a cluster

MKL licensing on a cluster


We are setting up a small computational cluster with 96 cores (with hyperthreading), and would like to use the MKL libraries for enhanced performance. The cluster will be used by a research team of 4 people, which will probably grow to a maximum of 10.

How do we need to license the MKL libraries? If we want to run the cluster at full capacity, do we need to buy 192 MKL licenses (one per thread running in the cluster)? Or are there any other possibilities?

Thanks in advance!

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Transfer to MKL forum to see if someone can give some iputs on this question ,as far as i know ,if there are 4 concurrent MKL users on this server ,you should buy a floating license with the same count number (such as 5)as the count number for you compiler's floating license .

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