LAPACKE_ilaver on MKL

LAPACKE_ilaver on MKL


I'm trying to use the function LAPACKE_ilaver with MKL 11.1. The declaration of function is included in the lapacke.h file from the Lapack netlib's distribution. But I have not found it in the mkl_lapacke.h of the MKL distribution. Is present LAPACKE_ilaver in MKL?


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Hi Jose, 

No, there is no lapacke_ilaver function in MKL . Do you have special need about the C interface of the function?

The function returns the version of the LAPACK library. You may call them in C 

#include <stdio.h>

#include "mkl.h"
int main(void)
int  vers_major, vers_minor, vers_path;
ilaver( &vers_major, &vers_minor, &vers_patch );

Best Regards,


Thank you for your answer,

the C interface does not exists in the reference LAPACK, so I though to use the Fortran routine called from C ilaver_. But I have discovered that both the reference LAPACK and MKL have the interface LAPACK_ilaver (without the 'E'), which works without problems

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