MKL and Visual Studio express 2013

MKL and Visual Studio express 2013

Hello everyone,

I'm am trying some of the given FFT examples from the MKL library in C++ and using VS Express 2013 on Windows 7 pro x64.

I linked the my project to the correct libraries and added the needed include files. I get no error from compilation but when the process runs it is exited with ouput 0x01 when going through a MKL function (DftiGetValue(0, DFTI_VERSION, version) for examples).

Has anyone an idea about what I am doing wrong?


Thank you for your answer,



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We need some details such as (1) how did you compile and link the example code, (2) what were the compiler options used, (3) did you use the MS or Intel C compiler, and (4) are you building for IA32 or X64?

I think that VS Express uses the same compiler and libraries as those with VS Pro, albeit only a subset of the libraries. I built the example in basic_dp_real_dft_1d.c using the MS 18.00.21005.1 compiler and MKL 11.1, and the example ran with no problems, whether I targeted IA32 or X64, on Windows 8.1-64

>>...I'm am trying some of the given FFT examples from the MKL library in C++...

Please provide a name of the source file, or upload a complete test solution ( you have it already, right? ) since it will also help to understand what could be possibly wrong.


Thank you for your replies, I managed to solve my problem... Seems that some of the libraries were not linked properly to my project.

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