MKL+GCC+GOMP segfaults

MKL+GCC+GOMP segfaults

Hi, I am experiencing the problem that I mention in the title. I have a program that we have built and linked in three different way: (i) ICC + MKL, (ii) GCC + MKL + GOMP and (iii) GCC + Atlas. Out of them, only (i) and (iii) seem to work, because option (ii) breaks down with a segmentation fault in mkl_serv_malloc() after exhausting all memory.

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can you give us the example of the code for reproducing the problem on our side?

Hi Gennady, I am not sure whether this is useful for you. I bundled our simulation code here

It consists on a general purpose high-level algebra library for C++ (mps-bundle-gcc/) and the simulation itself (mps-bundle-gcc/xy_...). To build it and run it is a three steps process:

* From mps-bundle-gcc/ issue "CC=gcc make build" this should detect the Intel MKL library and build the software with it

* From mps-bundle-gcc/xy_stuck issue "make"

* Execute mps-bundle-gcc/xy_stuck/xy_stuck.exe

In our case memory consumption grows until the program issues a SIGSEGV

I attach here the valgrind summary

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