MKL on Visual Studio 2012 with V110_XP toolset

MKL on Visual Studio 2012 with V110_XP toolset

Visual Studio 2012 did not compile for Windows XP until the service pack 1 was released. It introduced v110_xp toolset. Using this toolset you can compile for Windows XP win VS2012.

I installed update 4 for VS2012 from the Microsoft and now I have option to use v110_xp toolset. However, when I choose this option in Configuration Properties > General > Platform Toolset, then Configuration Properties > Intel Performance Libraries disappears. When I switch back to v110 or v100 toolset I have the 'Intel Performance Libraries' and I can compile the project.

Why the Configuration Properties > Intel Performance Libraries disappears when toolset is set to  v110_xp? Is there a workaround?

I am using VS 2012 proffesional and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 SP1.


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Is this 32 or 64 bit  or both projects? 

It is a 32 bit console application. I tried also with 64-bit and the problem remains. For both 32-bit and 64-bit projects, when you select v110_xp toolset and click 'Apply', Intel Performance Libraries option disappears. When you select v110 toolset and click 'Apply'  Intel Performance Libraries option comes back.


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it looks like the bug in integration with MVSC..  the workaround -- explicitly set the all libraries and include files you need for building your application.


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