Sparse Matrix storage to compressed sparse row format

Sparse Matrix storage to compressed sparse row format

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I am new here and I have a question about using "PARDISO - Parallel Direct Sparse Solver Interface". As you may know in order to use this subroutine for solving a set sparse linear equations as AX = b, the A matrix should be stored in comperes sparse row format. My question is there any subroutine which can do this storage? if there is I think it would be really nice to include them here ""

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Your question should have been posted in the MKL forum.

There is a routine mkl_ddnscsr() (for double precision real matrices; similarly named routines exist for other types) in MKL for exactly this purpose. The MKL documentation should be consulted about matrix storage schemes and conversion. A recent post that involves such conversion is "How can I remove a column from a sparse matrix (CSR) using MKL"

in that  case, we also recommend to look at the existing examples show how to use such routines -- all these examples you can find into <mklroot>\examples\spblasc\source\ directory as an example

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