Linking Scalapack with Microsoft MPI in 32 bit

Linking Scalapack with Microsoft MPI in 32 bit

Hi Everyone,


I have a project in Visual Studio 2010 - C++ that I am trying to link with MKL Scalapack and Microsoft MPI HPC 2012.  I can create a 64bit binary, but I am stuck creating a working 32bit binary.  My problem is that the specific msmpi Scalapack libraries present in 64bit don't seem to be available in 32bit versions.


What is the general method for linking 32bit MKL-Scalapack and MS-MPI into a C++ project?




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Intel began to drop support for 32-bit MPI with the current releases, as there wasn't a known customer requirement for 32-bit updates.  The Microsoft, MPICH, and Intel MPI for Windows are very close; I don't know whether a substitution might be possible.   You might find someone informed on this topic on the HPC/Cluster forum, but you may need to discuss specific release versions.

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