Scalapack on Mac OS X

Scalapack on Mac OS X

What are the chances of seeing scalapack in mkl for Mac OS X in near future?

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Hello Carsten,

We don't see many customer who are making distribute computations. Can you give more details which system you are running ? 


hi gennady,

i'm trying to compile a first principle electronic structure code for a mac cluster. the make file has a serial target and a mpi+scalapack target. the latter does not compile because of lacking scalapack support in mkl.



I second Carsten's comments. We would like to use it for similar reasons. I think there is more interest in this than you think, and the interest is certainly growing.

With regards,



Cluster components (Cluster Sparse Solver, Cluster FFT, ScaLAPACK) are now available for OS X*.

you may find it into MKL v 11.3 beta. see the announce about that on the top of MKL forum.

regards, Gennady



Dear Gennady,

It seems Cluster components (ScaLAPACK and friends) are missing from the community license MKL (free). Is it intentional or just an omission?

Regards, Denis.

Denis, the community package contains the similar components as a commercial version. By the default, cluster components have not been installed. Please try to reinstall the package and select these components for installation.

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, Gennady! I indeed missed those cluster components when I was first installing MKL.

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