Number of licenses required for MKL?

Number of licenses required for MKL?

We're trying to determine how many MKL licenses are required for our system setup. We would only be using MKL through R, so after R is built with MKL, I don't think we would not be directly calling MKL routines. R can create a shared library ( that links to the MKL .so files.

We have three different systems, each with their own local build of R. Only one person compiles and installs R on the three different systems, and the resulting installations of R are used by ~20 people. My understanding is that we would need 1 single-user license for each system, since only one person would install R+MKL. However, one of these systems is actually a cluster with ~1000 nodes. Is 1 license sufficient for the cluster, assuming some of the 20 users are running multiple instances of R on the cluster nodes, if the R installation is built with MKL by one user?

Finally, some R packages have components that need to be compiled when they're installed. Do we need additional licenses for each user that installs R packages?



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If you need an authoritative answer more quickly you might ask on the companion registration and licensing forum. Possibilities might include a license for each development platform. If using mkl supplied with a compiler package a small number of network floating licenses might work.

Thanks, I'll try there too.

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