Code Examples for CG Solvers on Xeon , Xeon Phi ?

Code Examples for CG Solvers on Xeon , Xeon Phi ?

Are there any code examples which runs on the CPU and also on the Xeon Phi,we already have the MKL libaray but i wasn't able to find any big example, this code just should read a mtx file and should solve the equation on the CPU and if i want to switch also on the Xeon Phi maybe with some options like precondtions or not.  I just need this because i want to a performance evaluation on the cpu,xeon phi and gpu with different sparse matrixes.

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Markus Gruber
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There are two kind of examples show how to make call mkl functions in Automatic Offload and Offload modes. You may find these examples into  <mklroot>\examples\mic_ao   and  mic_offload directories. Regard to precondtions  -- look at  the <mklroot>\examples\mic_offload\solverc\source\cg_jacobi_precon_c.c example.  

One note should be clarifying - these examples don't use mtx format, but it will be easy to redesign the code for reading mtx format, then make the conversion from mtx to CSR representation ( use matrix converters ) .


ah ok thx

Markus Gruber

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