The PZGESV subroutine

The PZGESV subroutine

Hello everybody,
Please I need your help to understand the scalapck subroutine PZGESV. 
I am trying to use this subroutine to solve a linear equation system A*X = B where A is a (N by N) matrix distributed as follow :

each process has a local matrix Al of size (Ml by N) and Ml isn't the same for the different processes but of course the sum of the different Ml is equal to N. 

I tried this :

B_A = 4; NB_A = 4; MB_B = 4;
CALL DESCINIT(DESCB,K_total,2*N_Emetteurs_Calcul,MB_B,2*N_Emetteurs_Calcul,IRSRC,ICSRC,ICTXT,K_proc,INFO)

 But since K_proc value is local (it depends on the process), I get an error of ILLEGAL VALUE and INFO = -9 

Then I tried to put my matrices in a local matrix of size K_proc_max x K_total, I didn't get error and INFO = 0 but i had a totally wrong results :

MB_A = 4; NB_A = 4; MB_B = 4;
K_tot_proc_max = maxval(K_total_procs)
CALL DESCINIT(DESCB,K_total,2*N_Emetteurs_Calcul,MB_B,2*N_Emetteurs_Calcul,IRSRC,ICSRC,ICTXT,K_tot_proc_max,INFO)


Do ii=1,K_total
    Zreduite_proc_inter(1:K_total_proc,ii) = Zreduite_proc(:,ii)

Do ii=1,2*N_Emetteurs_Calcul
    Vreduit_proc_inter(1:K_total_proc,ii) = Vreduit_proc(:,ii) 

CALL PZGESV(K_total,2*N_Emetteurs_Calcul,Zreduite_proc_inter,IA,JA,DESCA,IPIV,Vreduit_proc_inter,IB,JB,DESCB,INFO)

I really don't know how to fix it. Can anybody help me please to put it right ? Thank you.

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Hi Ines 

Could you please provide the test code completely so we can try? 

Best Regards


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