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looks as if I need to use mkl_?csradd (C++).

However, my csr matrix is zero based; mkl_?csradd does only support one based sparse matrices.

I would appreciate any suggestions for a pragmatic solution.

A simple application example of mkl_?csradd would be nice, too.

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I cannot help you as to zero-based indexing, other than to point out something for you to consider: although some programming languages default to zero-based indexing, in mathematics and physics it is more common to use 1-based indices. For example, we use x1, x2 and x3 as position coordinates rather than x0x1 and x. What are the natural indices in your subject domain?

MKL provides the following Fortran examples in


As it is, addition of sparse matrices is not a complicated subject. An entry in the result matrix C is non-zero if either or both of the corresponding entries in A and B are non-zero. If only one of the two is non-zero, we copy the value to C; when both are non-zero, we place the sum in C.

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