Sparse matrix and dense matrix multiplication

Sparse matrix and dense matrix multiplication


Have a quick question to ask, I need to do A x B where A is a sparse matrix stored in CSR format, B is a symmetric dense matrix. Now I am using csrmm to compute the multiplication, but have to convert B into full dense matrix first, which doubles the memory for B. Is there any routine in MKL that can handles this?

Many thanks!

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Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Some questions that are relevant to the request:

  • How is the symmetric matrix B currently stored (before being converted to full, dense)?
  • What do you intend to do with A x B , after computing the product matrix?
  • How do you wish to store the product matrix?

Thanks for reply.

1. The B matrix is stored column wise, packed form (upper triangle) before converting to full dense matrix.

2. After computing AxB=C, I will do a for loop i=1:n, for each i, I need to do D_i x C, where D_i is also a sparse matrix. Here I use csrmm for sure since the dense C matrix is not symmetric.

3. The product matrix C is not symmetric, so just the regular way to store it, we use column major to store dense matrix in our code.

Hi Wei, 

It seems there is no good function can operate a spase matrix A*B (parcked upper triangle) form.  You may either convert B to dense matrix. Then use   mkl_?csrmm. Get sparse C matrix.  Then call  mkl_?csrmultd.  to compute D_i *C.

Or convert B to sparse matrix. use mkl_?csrmultd.  to compute C= A*B. Then mkl_?csrmm do D_i*C.  But if convert B to sparse matrix. it still need double memory. 

or call mkl_?csrgemv to compute ci=A*bi (B's colum vector). , then call csrmm do D_i*C. 

Best Regards,



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