Standalone MKL availability

Standalone MKL availability

I am sure MKL was listed as a product a few weeks ago. Now it is not available anywhere on the DZ site (see, for example).

Has it been discontinued as a standalone product? That would be an immense tragedy :(

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I am too worried about the fact that MKL is not available for direct purchase and/or download at the moment. 

Yes, Standalone MKL product is discontinued and it is now available as part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® System Studio. Please visit our product Website:

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A few additional notes on this product packaging change for Intel MKL:


  1. Our commitment to delivering the market leading Intel MKL product is unchanged with the same team fully in place to continue improving it.  Discontinuation of the standalone product is strictly a product packaging change.
  2. Seeing the synergies our customers are realizing with the combination of Intel development tools, we decided to focus on delivering Intel MKL alongside the Intel Compiler and other performance and threading libraries in Intel Parallel Studio XE (Composer Edition and above) and Intel System Studio (Composer Edition and above).  While Intel MKL retains compatibility with many non-Intel compilers and non-Intel x86 architectures, bundling Intel MKL with these suites provides greater value that the majority of Intel MKL users are already realizing.  And, this value comes at only a small incremental price for the suite vs. the old Intel MKL standalone package.
  3. Customers with existing licenses for the standalone Intel MKL have the opportunity to upgrade to one of the Studio products or continue renewing their standalone Intel MKL license.
  4. If you choose to evaluate or purchase one of the Studio products and decide to only use Intel® MKL, you can selectively download and install only the Intel® MKL library if you wish.

Thanks for the clarification Kent!

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