Visual Studio 2015 unresolved external symbol _snprintf

Visual Studio 2015 unresolved external symbol _snprintf


My code compiles fine when using Visual Studio 2013, but when converting it to VS15, I get this error:

Error    LNK2001    unresolved external symbol _snprintf    FEBio2    C:\FEBio2_15\VS2013\mkl_core.lib(mkl_aa_fw_device_threading_params.obj)    1

Any suggestions?



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This is an unknow issue. Actually VS 2015 is validated in 11.3 and all work fine. Can you give the example to check the problem on our side? 

Intel people have suggested removing VS2015 and installing from scratch rather than trying to deal with the in-place upgrade scheme. Although I have a better than average USA internet connection, this will take a day or two.

 Microsoft have suggested opening up the VS2015 Modify after a partial upgrade and completing addition of the offered Windows Kit \10\ if it shows such an option.  In my experience, this doesn't solve the problem of the LIB and INCLUDE environment variables remaining on older Windows Kit \10\ folders which have been cleaned out.  You can copy items back into the folders which are shown in the environment variables if you like.

Which MKL version do you use? MKL is compatible with VS2015 only starting from 11.3.

Thanks for all the comments.  We've decided to stick with VS10 and VS13 for now.


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