Is there a example with FFT on image using MKL?

Is there a example with FFT on image using MKL?


It's the first time using the MKL.

I wonder is there a example code to show how to use MKL to do 2D FFT on image?

Does MKL support pthread?


Any hint will be appreciated!


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Hello Xiaojia

​You can take image as 2D array, then you can find some 2D FFT c sample codes in MKL install folder or web article.  

MKL support several model  like sequential,  internal openmp threads and tbb threads, which are suppose be work with external pthread.

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MKL support N-dimensional FFT computing, you could follow developer reference or MKL examples saved locally when you install the MKL, the path is $MKLROOT/examples.

MKL threading is using OpenMP/TBB, but you could write pthread program to control outside.

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