Normalized cross-correlation using MKL

Normalized cross-correlation using MKL

I'm trying to use MKL to do NCC in order to find a pattern in a whole image.
It seems that vsldCorrExecX only can do correlation but not NCC.

for example,
pattern = [1 2;
3 4];
image = [1 2;
5 6]
We expect to get 0.9762 for sum((pattern-mean(pattern)).*(image-mean(image)))/sqrt((pattern-mean(pattern))^2*(image-mean(image))^2).

However, we actually get sum(pattern.*image) = 44.

Is there any way to do NCC directly?

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Hi Siqing,

You may consider other two library also:  Intel IPP or Intel DAAL,

Which should provide such functionality.

Best Regards,


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