MKL Operations in TensorFlow

MKL Operations in TensorFlow


Hi all,

I run a TensorFlow model Inception with Intel MKL-DNN support. 

The execution time of MKL operations in MKL (e.g. _MklConv2DBackpropFilter, _MklConv2D, _MklConv2DBackpropInput, etc) have no change when I change the number of intra-threads (means the number of threads running one operation). The results are as below. Does anyone know why the MKL the performance of MKL operations will not change when changing the number of threads running this operation? Or does anyone explain the implementation of MKL-DNN support for TensorFlow for this situation? Thank you!

Name                        Intra-threads           Time

_MklConv2DBackpropFilter     8                470
                                               17                466
                                               34                468
                                               68                467

_MklConv2DBackpropInput     8                354
                                               17                344
                                               34                347
                                               68                347
_MklConv2D                            8                300
                                               17                304
                                               34                311
                                               68                311


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Hi Kevin,

What is Hardware (processor) you running?
and Also like  ..  ,  i recommend you  submit your issue to  where our developer will help you directly.

Best Regards,


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