convert dense matrix to sparse CSR form

convert dense matrix to sparse CSR form

previously, I have used mkl_sdnscsr to convert a dense matrix to a sparse matrix with CSR format. However, with current update(2018 update 3), this function is depreciated, and the user manual instruct me to find a replacement in matrix manipulation of the inspector-executor sparse blas routine. However, I can not find the replacement function! Do you know which function I can use now to convert my dense matrix to a sparse CSR format?

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Hi Guanbo,

Thank you for raising the question!

You’re right, this routine will be deprecated in future and so far we don’t have any analogues for dense-to-sparse converters in IE SpBLAS. We’re going to work on it.  you may continue to use the mkl_sdnscsr  .  we will release the news if the replacement is ready.



It would be nice if this information made its way to the documentation.



Hi Miguel,

​thank you for the suggestion. Sure we will forward it to our doc team. 

​Thank you!


Hi Ying

In the current release, all Sparse BLAS Level2 are declared as depreciated in the header file (mkl_spblas.h). Does it mean that Sparse BLAS will not be available in the mkl library in the future ?



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