H264 encoding only without login?

H264 encoding only without login?

I'm trying to build an "appliance" PC that powers up and does it's video stuff automatically. (Data acquisition system for racecars that overlays engine and other data on top of live in-car camera image, then ships video out via WiFi.)I learned recently that the Intel Media SDK requires a login. How might I get around this? I have two thoughts. Your comments on those as well as any additional thoughts are greatly appreciated:1) Automagically fake a login on power up.2) Since I need only the H264 encoder, including i7 Sandy Bridge hardware acceleration, might it be possible to use only that part of the SDK (whether from runtime or sourcecode) in a way that doesn't require a login?Thanks very much.

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Microsoft Windows allows for login to occur automatically (search the web for "windows 7 auto login" and you will see many threads on this. This is not a "fake" login. It is a real login with a stored password.

No. The H.264 encode capabilities are currently only available when a user is logged-in.

This is a popular "feature request" and we appreciate the interest. Please watch these forums for any updates.


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