Dumb ? # 57: What type of program is the SDK's H.264 Compression?

Dumb ? # 57: What type of program is the SDK's H.264 Compression?

Dumb question number 57: What type of program is the SDK's H.264 compression? What I mean by this, is as follows. Does it run as a DLL, a service, something else? A link to a PICTURE along with text would greatly help.Please note that I do find a few things in the Intel Media Developer's Guide, that hint to me that it ends up being just a DLL.

  1. I see on print page 10 (pdf page 18) Figure 4 showing a "Software DLL". This makes me wonder, "what is the Dispatcher" above it? Is it actually code linked into the same exe as the application who's calling the Media SDK API? Or is the Dispatcher something else?

  2. Elsewhere I notice mention of the Intel Media SDK threading model (print page 21, pdf page 29), and a thread pool on Figure 7 (print page 26, pdf page 34). But these threads could be coming from any kind of [process].

Your simplified answer would be greatly appreciated.

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...oh, I got distracted and forgot to add: I want to end up with an "appliance" that runs my video I/O application immediately upon boot, without the need to log in.


Yes, The Media SDK dispatcher is part of the static library linked with your application. This library allows the application to call the appropriate implementation, which resides in the Software DLL. Please see the section 4.3, including Figure 5, for more details information.

The Windows implementation of Media SDK utilize Microsofts graphics acceleration architecture and there is currently a dependency for a usable graphics device which has a requirement that a user be logged in. Microsoft and Intel have been working to allow session 0 usability in the future. (Youre usage model is desired by others as well). Please watch this forum for information about when this capability will be available.


Thanks, Tony.I haven't tried this before... Do you know if I can set Win7 up somehow to automatically log in, even with no password, at [after] boot up?


Just answered in other thread here:

but simple answer is "Yes".

One method I"ve used is to run "netplwiz"and uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" option. Not sure if this is available for all SKUs of Windows 7 however.

This is a good question to ask Microsoft.


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