Deinterlacing video frames

Deinterlacing video frames

I'm a Media SDK newbie, and have been experimenting with the DirectShow MPEG-2 decoder sample. The output frames are displayed in the VMR with interlacing artefacts, which would probably be OK if the video was then going to be encoded as interlaced, but just for decoding and display on the VMR it looks a bit poor.

I could not find a method of configuring the decoder to do deinterlacing, so I would therefore like to add deinterlacing to the decoder sample code. Does anyone have any tips of how to go about this?

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In the Media SDK, the "VPP" (Video Processing) component is the component that allows de-interlacing (along with resizing and other processing steps).

Hope this helps

Thanks Tony. I also note that the decoder only produces NV12 video frames - is there anything in the SDK that would do a conversion to RGB32 (or RGB24) immediately after the decode step? I guess I could add a separate non-QuickSync filter after the decoder filter, but I would think doing it in QuickSync (in the same pipeline?) as the decoder would be more efficient if color conversion is available in the SDK.

Hi iroeville,

Unfortunately the SDK does not support any other frame type output than NV12. And VPP only supports conversion to NV12.(There is an exception for the MJPEG decoder which does support output of RGB32 besides NV12)

To achieve what you need you need to use your own conversion solution. Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) may provide one alternative to perform the conversion.


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