mux/demux binaries

mux/demux binaries

In the documentation it says that the imc_* DirectShow mux and demux filter binaries are for development only and are not allowed to be delivered/redistributed.

Then how is the free "Cineform Studio Software" allowed to do that?

The installation folder contains:


Does this means that Intel do have a redistributable version of these DirectShow filters?

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Hi iroeville,

Thanks for your question. The mux and demux filters still remain development filters designed to work with our samples to help illustrate a complete dshow pipeline. That being said, there have been exceptions weve made with our close partners as youve discovered.

We discussed your post internally today, and have decided to readdress the licensing for these filters sometime next week. Ill have more to say as we define what our plans will be.

Id like to open the topic up to the community at large - would you find it valuable to release these filters with source? What formats/Pins would be most valuable?

Why not use other more production level splitters and muxers that are out there? I am just trying to gauge the need out there.



I would certainly be interested in looking at these, particularly if the source code is made available. This could open up possibilities for adding custom features and tweaks which would not be possible with most commercial muxers and splitters which are only provided as feature-locked binaries.

I'm mostly interested in muxing (rather than demuxing) to MPEG-2 Program Stream, but I think the Intel sample muxer only supports Transport Stream which is a pity.

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