Using Media SDK filters with Windows Media Player

Using Media SDK filters with Windows Media Player

Hi all,

We'd like to use Media SDK on our C# application. The native media component of C# (and specifically, WPF) is Windows Media Player. How can we make sure that MP4 videos, are getting decoded and played using the Media SDK?

thanks very much for any idea!

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Hi lamapp,

If you're interested in integrating Media SDK with C# application you will have to result to P/Invoke or similar construct. It has been discussed earlier on this forum.

Windows Media Player (WMP) already has some support for HW acceleration via DXVA, not sure it's feasible to replace the for instance the default mp4/h264 WMP decoder behavior.

Are you asking this in context of Windows Metro specific development?


Hi Petter

thanks very much for your reply. It's not just about C#, but rather more about WPF, which allows to render the WMP video on any texture in 3D. This way we can play videos on various surfaces in space, which is what we need.

This is actually a Windows 7 project at the moment but could be moved to Metro, too. We need to use Intel Media SDK specifically and cannot use other codecs.

EDIT: I looked on the media foundation sample and saw on mf_utils a function that can be called RegisterAsWMPPlugin. Is that something we could use? What is 'plugin' means - is it a codec that WMP would use? if so, we could potentially build a C++ plugin that would wrap IMS decoder and use it in our WPF application. do you think it could work?

thanks again

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