Directshow : encode webcam video+sound in sync H264

Directshow : encode webcam video+sound in sync H264

Hi,I am trying to record a webcam (video + sound) using directshow intel media SDK 2012 components :Video capture -> intel H264 encoder ----> Intel Mp4 mux -> File WriterAudio Capture -> intel AAC encoder ---->The encoding works but it's out of sync : it seems that there is no resync regarding times it take to encode H264 frames .. I have tryed with a commercial sdk and there is a sync option in the mp4 muxer and I have not the same issue with the same webcam .. Is there anything i can do to use Intel directshow filters ?

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Could you please tell the version of Media SDK package you are using? Is it MediaSDK 2012 or Media SDK 2012 R2?

It's Media SDK 2012 R2 download today

I had a guess that your problem may be connected with one known issue but apparently I was wrong because in R2 that issue was already fixed.
So, back to your problem. I must say that muxer filters from Media SDK pakage don't have specific options for synching A/V. They are provided as developer tools for basic testing and neither have product quality nor are intended for redistribution.
At your side you may check that video capture device sends MediaSamples with valid timestamps to MSDK encoder filter. Just debug the encoder filter receive method and check the input timestamp value. If they are ok, there's nothing you can actualy fix in encoder filter because it is designed to pass the timestamps through. And then it is likely our muxer limitation.
If you share your resulting streams of MSDK and 3rd party solution we could analyze them here. Please use\pub\incoming to upload those.

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