VPP denoise/detail not working on hardware 1.3

VPP denoise/detail not working on hardware 1.3

I am unable to get VPP denoise or detail enhancement to work using the hardware 1.3 implementation. Using software 1.4 implementation they work as expected.

My system:
- Media SDK 2012 R2 (x64)
- Core i7 3770K (HD 4000)
- Windows 7 x64 SP1
- latest intel graphics driver (

From a single program (read rgb3, convert to rgb4, use VPP, and encode to AVC) if I select sw it works as expected, but for hw the output is fine but does not have the denoise or detail enhancement. I have been trying denoise and detail separately.

I don't know how to try sw 1.3, Ihave requested various versionsbut the session comes back as 1.4 regardless if it's a sw session.

The most likely issue is that my code path is somehow different between sw and hw, but I don't see the difference other than the obvious session init param. So my question is just: isthis supposed to be working on 1.3 hw? If so, why would the exact same params work on 1.4 sw and not 1.3 hw?


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Hi Ryan,
That's a known limitation of the 1.3 HW: if VPP object is set up to do RGB->other format conversion it can additionally perform the resize only. To have other VPP algorithms (denoise, detail) pipelined with RGB conversion you'll need to create separate VPP objects.
So the pipeline should be : read rgb3, convert to rgb4, VPP (rgb4->nv12, optional resize), VPP (denoise, detail), Encode to AVC.
We are working towards adding this information to the documentation of future MSDK releases. I hope you can go the alternative way of having 2 VPP objects in your pipeline.

Hello..You will probably be asked to move your 3rd party kernels / iso to your personal web site and on the forums support what is in either the ubuntu repositories or the gma500 ppa.
The packages in the gma500 ppa are marked as experimental, so I do not think you should be advising experimental drivers to the masses.RegardsAbacus

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