Little help with SDK

Little help with SDK

Hello.I am novice with Media SDK. I've got SDK form here.I try to run decode sample.
sample_decode.exe h264 -i x.h264 -o foox.h264 -.264 elementary streamAnd I see that as result:Return on error: error code -3, .\\src\\pipeline_decode.cpp 405Return on error: error code 1, .\\src\\sample_decode.cpp 256MFXInit fail with MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED (-3)Can help me with this little problem? Is this only for h264 or only for 2012 version? May be I need special CPU.Some results on 2 systems:1) Windows 7 x64, AMD Phenom II2) Windows 7 x86, Intel Core Duo

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Sorry, problem was withlibmfxsw64.dll

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