Using Decoder without Sequence Header in Bitstream?

Using Decoder without Sequence Header in Bitstream?

Hello folks,

I will use Intel Media SDK for decoding video frames in a libav environment.
So i just need to decode single frames witch will be copied to the bitstream for Media SDK decoding.

How can i resolve the missing sequence header for bitstream decoding?
Is there a way to Init Decoder with the necessary values (width, height etc...)

Hope someone knows a way to do this...

Thanks a lot and best regards


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HI Ronny,

The Media SDK expects streams that are compliant to the elemantary stream standards and if the Media SDK decoder does not find any sequence headers while decoding the DecodeFrameAsync call will continuously return MFX_ERR_MORE_DATA (effectively asking for more bitstream data).

You would have to create your own valid sequence headers and ad them to the bitstream prior to the other data.


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