Problems with insertion of SEI messages (H.264) into the bitstream

Problems with insertion of SEI messages (H.264) into the bitstream


I try to insert SEI messages (H.264) into the bitstream. I open the output encoded stream with Tektronix MTS4EA Video ES Analyser. But it reports error: End of NAL unit reached while reading RESERVED_SEI_MESSAGE_PAYLOAD_BYTE. I attached screenshot. Below I wrote an example of code as I insert SEI messages. What do I do incorrectly?

mfxSession mfx_session;
mfxVersion version = {0, 1};
mfxVideoParam mfx_enc_params;
mfxFrameSurface1 pSurface;
mfxSyncPoint EncSyncP;
mfxBitstream mfxBS;

MFXInit(impl, &version, &mfx_session);

// filling of mfx_enc_params structure
mfx_set->mfx.CodecId = MFX_CODEC_AVC;

MFXVideoENCODE_Init(mfx_session, &mfx_enc_params);

//initialization of pSurface and mfxBS

// SEI message

mfxEncodeCtrl mfxEncCtrl = {0};

unsigned char text[] = "MainConcept";

mfxPayload * p_payload[256];
mfxPayload p;

p.Data = text;
p.BufSize = sizeof(text);
p.NumBit = sizeof(text) * 8;
p.Type = 5; //user_data_unregistered

mfxEncCtrl.Payload = p_payload;
mfxEncCtrl.Payload[0] = &p;
mfxEncCtrl.NumPayload = 1;

MFXVideoENCODE_EncodeFrameAsync(mfx_session, &mfxEncCtrl, pSurface, &mfxBS, &EncSyncP);

//writing encoded data to file...


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Hi Marina,

Please see the following forum post for how to insert SEI message into H.264 stream.

Hope this helps.

Hi Petter,

Thank you for reply. I corrected my code as in your example. Now SEI messages are inserted without problem.

Best regards,

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