Why QueryIMPL return Software encoding

Why QueryIMPL return Software encoding

My system is Core i3 2100 and it's sandbridge supported. ButQueryIMPL said it dosen't support hardware encoding.

Can you help me what problem?


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Make sure you have the latest Intel graphics driver installed. If your system has a discrete graphics card, also make sure that the Intel graphics device is selected as primary device (the sample code depends on this to access HW acceleration).

It may also help to run the Media SDK tool, mediasdk_sys_analyzer, part of the SDK package, to help determine what may be wrong with your system configuration.

Thanks response so fast.

I and mediasdk_sys_analyzerin a Core i72600 PC which have same problem.

The PC only haveonboard Intel HD2000 video card andI just installed lastest driver.

nothelpful. Please see followed output infomation ofmediasdk_sys_analyzer.

Thanks again.

------------Output of mediasdk_sys_analyzer----------------

Intel Media SDK System Analyzer (64 bit)

The following versions of Media SDK API are supported by platform/driver:

Version Target Supported Dec Enc

1.0 HW Yes X X

1.0 SW Yes X X

1.1 HW Yes X X

1.1 SW Yes X X

1.3 HW No

1.3 SW Yes X X

1.3 AUTO SW (max API version of installed SDK)

Graphics Devices:

Name Version State

Intel HD Graphics Active

System info:

CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Arch: 64-bit

Installed Media SDK packages (be patient...processing takes some time):

Intel Media SDK 2012 (x64)

Installed Media SDK DirectShow filters:

Intel Media SDK MP3 Decoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\imc_mpa_dec_ds.dll

Intel Media SDK JPEG Decoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\jpeg_dec_filter.dll

Intel Media SDK MPEG-2 Splitter :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\imc_mp2_spl_ds.dll

Intel Media SDK H.264 Encoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\h264_enc_filter.dll

Intel Media SDK MVC Decoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\mvc_dec_filter.dll

Intel Media SDK AAC Decoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\imc_aac_dec_ds.dll

Intel Media SDK MPEG-2 Decoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\mpeg2_dec_filter.dll

Intel Media SDK MP4 Splitter :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\imc_mp4_spl_ds.dll

Intel Media SDK MPEG-2 Muxer :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\imc_mp2_mux_ds.dll

Intel Media SDK MP4 Muxer :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\imc_mp4_mux_ds.dll

Intel Media SDK H.264 Decoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\h264_dec_filter.dll

Intel Media SDK MP3 Encoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\imc_mpa_enc_ds.dll

Intel Media SDK AAC Encoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\imc_aac_enc_ds.dll

Intel Media SDK MPEG-2 Encoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\mpeg2_enc_filter.dll

Intel Media SDK VC-1 Decoder :

C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK 2012\samples\_bin\x64\vc1_dec_filter.dll

Another question:

By mediasdk_sys_analyzer report:

why dose SDK version 1.1 support hardwareencoding but 1.3 dosen't support?




Looking at the sys_analyzer output your issue is likely related to the API version you are initializing your session with.

Media SDK 2012 does support API version 1.3 if using the SW implementation. The Media SDK HW implementation (acceleration) is delivered with the Intel Graphics driver, not with the SDK.
There is a new graphics driver ( available here:
http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Graphics&ProductLine=Processor+graphics&ProductProduct=2nd+Generation+Intel%C2%AE+Core%E2%84%A2+Processors+with+Intel%C2%AE+HD+Graphics+3000%2f2000&ProdId=3319&LineId=3310&FamilyId=39that do support API 1.3 for current generation Core processors. A driver the 3rd generation Core processors will be available soon (effectively making API 1.3 available for those platforms too).

BTW. If you do not need the latest set of Media SDK features you can still use API version 1.1.


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