Does Media SDK support Direct3D 11?

Does Media SDK support Direct3D 11?

HiMedia sdk provides both Direct3D 9 and 11 handles. When I use MFX_HANDLE_D3D11_DEVICE_AND_CONTEXT to set MfxSession Handle, how to allocate the frame for MFX decoder and what type (IDirect3DSurface9* or ID3D11Texture2D*) ismfxFrameSurface1 out of the decoder? Do you have some sample code for mfx using Direct3D 11?Thanks in advance.Jiuxiang

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while not having tried that myself yet I can offer a wild guess. Looking at video with hardware acceleration Microsoft used to rely on DXVA with has only Direct3D 9 interoperatability.

What Direct3D 11 seems to lack as of now are the required surface formats to support native YUV encoded surfaces such as NV12 or YUV444 or similar formats.

However, looking at the Direct3D 11 texture format options you can already find enumerations for these formats along with a hint that these formats are Windows 8 only. So I think that Microsoft is about to get rid of DXVA with the release of Windows 8 and will place the surface formats supporting hardware accelerated playback of video formats right inside Direct3D 11. It also looks like Direct3D 11 would become part of the Windows Platform SDK and won't be a seperate SDK any longer.

Again, all these statements are just wild guesses but if these become true than I would say that you could simply use ID3DTexture11 instances directly as input surfaces for the Intel Media SDK decoder.

Maybe someone who has tried a pre-release of Windows 8 along with the new texture formats in Direct3D 11 can give more details here.



Complete support for use of DX11 surfaces with Media SDK will not be available until release of Windows 8. In conjunction with this release we will also release corresponding Media SDK sample code.


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