Logitech 920 capture filter will not connect to the mp4Muxer

Logitech 920 capture filter will not connect to the mp4Muxer

Hello,I am trying to get the Logitech 920 capture filter to connect to the directshow mp4Muxer filter provided by the SDK. When I try to connect them in graphedit, I get an error stating that the pins can not agree on a connection. The output pin of the capture filter has the correct major (MEDIATYPE_Video) and subtype (MEDIASUBTYPE_H264) per the MediaSDK Filter Specification document. The only things that are different is that the formattype is FORMAT_VideoInfo and not FORMAT_VideoInfo2. Would the difference in FormatType cause this and if so can it be changed in the mux filter to accomodate the capture filter?Thanks,Chad

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Hi Chad,

Yes, the sample muxer filterwe provide does notacceptFORMAT_VideoInfo. The filter is provided as a tool to help how how our MediaSDK code can be used, but it is not meant to support all inputs or be used commercially. For your camera's output, it seems another muxer would be required, or another component to modify your stream to make it acceptable would be needed.


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